The 5 best spring destinations in Morocco
The 5 best spring destinations in Morocco
The 5 best spring destinations in Morocco
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Akhiyat Driver Cars presents the 5 best spring destinations in Morocco in 2022. Whether you are looking for cultural sites, splendid sandy beaches or wild landscapes, Morocco will offer you a multitude of experiences and unforgettable memories.

Steeped in centuries of history, the kingdom is home to an original historical and architectural heritage that you can discover on the road to the imperial cities. Morocco has impressive fishing ports that are an important pillar of the local and national economy. The country offers wonderful landscapes to explore. Whether you enjoy trekking in the sandy dunes of the Sahara, escaping to meet the nomadic people of the desert or hiking in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco got you covered. Don’t wait any longer to come and discover this exquisite gastronomy and the beautiful people who will always welcome you with open arms and a smile.

1) Chefchaouen : The blue city

Located in the northeast of the country, this splendid mountain landscape attracts by its blue color and all its shades spread throughout the city. A stroll through the narrow streets of Chefchaouen will take you to an imaginary world and will fill you with wonder and enchantment. In the heart of the old medina, the narrow streets are covered with carpets and fabrics. You will find herbs and spices, woven baskets and various other handicrafts. This friendly village is also home to several historical monuments that you will discover while strolling through the neighborhoods. The central square Outa El-Hammam in particular remains the favorite spot of the inhabitants of this city. From the terraces, you will observe the terracotta walls of the old Kasbah. Near this site, you will find the Great Mosque which represents an emblematic image of this destination.

2) Marrakech : one of the 5 best spring destinations in Morocco

Combining traditional and contemporary inspirations, Marrakech attracts thanks to its rich character. The ochre city is easily accessible from several European capitals. It remains one of the most visited cities by celebrities in the entire country. Surrounded by the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, this little jewel is full of treasures. Both overwhelming and quiet, everyone will find their favorite place whether it is in the colorful streets of the Medina, in the city center which houses the trendiest places or in the beautiful gardens of Majorelle and Menara. To the north of the city is the Palmeraie, the ideal place for quad biking and camel riding.

3) The splendid Atlas

Spring is also a good time to discover the Atlas Mountains. The High Atlas region which is located in the north of the country is home to the highest peaks in North Africa. It offers magnificent landscapes which will fill the impassioned ones of excursion and trekking. This region includes green forests and desert valleys, snowy peaks and large plateaus. The region is lined with roads that allow access to new territories that have not yet been explored.
Among the places to visit is the Ourika Valley, near Marrakech, which engulfs visitors in raw nature. The Atlas region has notable national parks namely the Toubkal, and Souss-Massa. The latter also includes the M’Goun massif, the favorite winter resort for skiers.

4) Meknes : the imperial city of Morocco

Among the imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes is a must-see during your visit. Founded in the 8th century, the city is surrounded by ramparts and monumental portals. It has an exceptional architecture and historical vestiges, an architectural and historical heritage of the greatest Moroccan dynasties that have occupied this city over the centuries. We cite the Idrissides, Almoravides, Merinides or the Alaouites. The heritage of the city is now part of the UNESCO world heritage.

5) The dunes of Erg Chebbi : one of the 5 best spring destinations in Morocco

Located near the Algerian border, this region offers the most majestic sand dunes of the Sahara. An exceptional place with picturesque landscapes that attracts nature lovers. It should be noted that some dunes reach up to 150 meters in height, and that the striking colors seen from above are magical. During your stay, it is recommended to spend the night there in order to experience the wonderful sunrise. Your starting point for trekking and expeditions will be the beautiful village of Merzouga. Accompanied by an experienced guide, the most eco-friendly means of transportation would be by camel.

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