Road trip southern Morocco: a breathtaking route
Road trip southern Morocco: a breathtaking route
Road trip southern Morocco: a breathtaking route
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Because Morocco is not only about visiting Marrakech, Chefchaouen or Fez, and because this country has much more to offer: breathtaking landscapes, monumental Kasbahs, extraordinary canyons, gorges and Sahara desert. Akhiyat Driver Cars presents you a road trip in southern Morocco, a breathtaking itinerary.

1. Departure from Ouarzazate

Southern Morocco is full of treasures and extraordinary landscapes and places. Your road trip will start in Ouarzazate, a city located 200 km south of Marrakech. This city remains mainly known for its international production studios.

2. Skoura

Arriving in Skoura, this dazzling palm grove well planted remains beautifully preserved to this day. You will find beautiful kasbahs that will take you on a wonderful journey through time.

3. Sidi Flah the highlight of your road trip in southern Morocco

You can then continue with a visit to the oasis of Sidi Flah. On the spot, you can picnic in the shade under the bridge and spend a pleasant moment. From the same spot, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Dades wadi and the beautiful cliffs dotted with laurels.

4. Valley of Roses

You will then arrive at the valley of roses, or the valley of Dades, a paradise on earth. What gives it this title are clearly its flowers, the thousands of roses that color its landscape every spring. The nickname of the valley comes from the rose hedges initially planted to stop the goats from entering the fields. Thanks to pilgrims who returned from Mecca and brought the Damascus rose (Rosa Damascena) to the region in the 10th century, the flower is now an emblem of the region. It is used locally in the form of rose water and sold to the perfume industry in various forms.

5. Todra Valley

The Todra valley, this sumptuous site with the narrowest gorges in the country, is only a few kilometers away. This splendid valley extends over more than 30 km, from the Todra gorges to the villages of Ferkla and Tinghir. From the High Atlas, the river Todra flows, sometimes with difficulty, between the slopes of the Atlas. Thus, this large and green fertile valley is refreshed by this watercourse.

6. Merzouga

Located in the south-east of Morocco, 50 km from Erfoud, the splendid village of Merzouga will surprise you in an unforgettable way. After having crossed the superb landscapes mentioned so far, you will face this dazzling panorama of the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Depending on the time of your arrival, they will be covered with a yellow or ochre color that will evolve throughout the day.  You will be immediately immersed in another universe and a new decor.

7. Tamegroute

On the edge of the desert, Tamegroute, a town located 20 km from Zagora, is an important trading point. Many communities have settled in this land over the centuries. Don’t miss the visit of the first big library of the desert where you will find old Koranic manuscripts of 900 years.

8. Drâa Valley, the returning point of your road trip in southern Morocco

On the way back to Ouarzazate, you will pass through the Draa Valley which once again has some amazing surprises in store for you. This valley is an exceptional place which is truly distinguished by its natural wealth. Moreover, what distinguishes it is the Draa river which flows from the high peaks of the Atlas to finally throw itself into the Atlantic Ocean. At the edge of the river, palm forests form a marvelous vegetal decor.

9. Aït Ben Haddou village

Gladiator, Game of Thrones and Lawrence of Arabia have all chosen this site to shoot their films. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists because of its charm and its film studios. Located 30 km from Ouarzazate, the village of Ait Ben Haddou will offer you an unprecedented spectacle of rocky strata. It is one of the best preserved sites in the whole of southern Morocco and is also a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987. It offers a remarkable view on the ksar and the cultures bordering the oued Mellah and the snows of the Atlas which remain visible for the big part of the year.

10. Fint Oasis

To complete your road trip in southern Morocco, make a stop at the magnificent Oasis of Fint, south of Ouarzazate. This valley, hemmed in by arid mountains, is covered with numerous palm groves. You will find many cultivated gardens and villages with traditional houses perfectly matching the scenery. For those of you who are avid film buffs, it would be interesting to plan a visit to the Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate. These studios are often called the Hollywood of North Africa and when there are no shootings, you will have the chance to discover famous sets and various anecdotes.

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