The 17th edition of Timitar festival
The 17th edition of Timitar festival
The 17th edition of Timitar festival
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After a mandatory two-year break due to Covid-19 as other major cultural events, and following the improvement of the health situation, the Timitar festival, eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of Agadir and its visitors, will take place this year in mid-July for its 17th edition. Aziz Akhannouch, president of the city council of Agadir, announced this news last Friday. On the occasion of the reopening of the Sahara Cinema, Aziz would like to seize this opportunity to attend the festival.

Visit Agadir for the 17th edition of festival Timitar :

On July 15 and 16, Morocco will see the return of the Timitar festival in the coastal city of Agadir. On the Al-Amal square, the motto of this event is “Amazigh artists welcome the music of the world”.

The event will include two nights of high-level performances from artists that are well known in the local music scene. We cite Zina Daoudia, the band Hoba Hoba Spirit and the Amazigh star Abdullah Al-Fawy.

What are the values of Timatar festival?

Timitar is a popular annual event that highlights and celebrates the Amazigh culture of North Africa. It attracts local and international guests from around the world.

Its ongoing theme is “signs and cultures” and Timitar lives up to this label by including performances by traditional and modern Moroccan musicians alongside those of contemporary international artists.

Each year, the Timitar Festival invites artists from around the world, from Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East. It aims to offer the public of Agadir the best of many works of traditional Amazigh music, modern music from the Maghreb and elsewhere, rap, jazz and hip hop.

Since its launch, Timitar has become an notable meeting point, both artistically and culturally. As part of Timitar, the program Timitar OFF, which consists of a symposium and workshops on the practices of Deejaying and Veejaying for youth, and focuses on the Amazigh culture and world music.

The line-up of festival Timitar this year :

On the square “Al Amal” in the heart of the city, a large crowd will meet to attend the opening night. It will be highlighted by concerts given by a few stars such as Zina Daoudia, Fatima Tabâamrant, Lartiste and DJ Suraj (Kenya).

On the second day, the public will gather at the place “Al Amal” and the place “Al Wahda”. Several artists and bands of national fame will participate. We name Amal Rass Derb, Oudaden, Hatim Ammour, Abdelaziz Stati, DJ Kawtar Sadik, Ahwash Tagmout Tata, Ahmed Amaynou, Hoba Hoba Spirit and Ahwash Afous.

In addition, this year’s program includes a comedy show. The festival will invite artists such as Rachid Aslal, Hamid Achtouk, Chaouchaou, Hassan Allioui, Qimroune, Zahra Tamgroudt, Mohamed Bouderka and many others.

Discover the city of Agadir when visiting Timitar festival :

Agadir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean. From its white sandy beaches to its rolling waters that are perfect for surfing, Agadir is ready to welcome people from around the world.

Apart from the event, Agadir also offers several sites to visit, including the Crocodile Park, the Amazigh Heritage Museum, the Loubnane Mosque, the Agadir Memory Museum, etc.

According to a recent study by the British website Savoo, Agadir is the cheapest place to go on vacation this summer. Savoo concluded that a 6-night, 7-day vacation would cost £490 per person in the Moroccan city.

Compared to other destinations, the same vacation would cost £546 in Costa Brava, Spain, which is the second cheapest option. A trip to Marrakech comes in 7th place at £645 per person.

Agadir has a pristine nine-kilometer-long beach, which is an ideal place to enjoy the Moroccan summer. Temperatures in July usually peak at around 26 degrees Celsius and rarely exceed 30 degrees.

The beach is lined with cafes, restaurants and several activities. You will find quad biking, jet skiing and camel rides. Many hotels are located near the coastline and the beach is known for its cleanliness and safety.

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