Traveling to Morocco in 2022: Opening of borders and travel conditions.
Traveling to Morocco in 2022: Opening of borders and travel conditions.
Traveling to Morocco in 2022: Opening of borders and travel conditions.
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Traveling to Morocco in 2022 is now possible after the reopening of the borders on February 07, 2022. Following the emergence of the variant Omicron, Morocco has opted to close the borders. This decision is part of the kingdom’s strategy in the fight against the coronavirus. Thanks to the different efforts made in this perspective as well as the national vaccination campaign, Morocco aspires to welcome back visitors from all over the world. This decision is in accordance with the country’s vision in the management of the state of health emergency. It incorporates the recommendations of the scientific and technical commission and takes into consideration the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom. To implement this decision, a technical commission has examined the measures to be recommended at the borders and the conditions required of travelers.

Traveling to Morocco in 2022 is now possible:

Morocco’s air and sea borders are now open. You can now enter Morocco under certain conditions. Tourists will now be able to plan their long-awaited vacation in the Cherifian Kingdom.

What are the conditions to travel to Morocco in 2022?

Local authorities have clarified that visitors with a complete vaccination schedule can enter the country. In addition, travelers will have to present a negative test 48 hours before boarding.

Passengers, traveling by air or sea, will also need to carry their health card. This document, distributed by the authorities or downloaded online, must be duly completed and signed. The document includes the passenger’s address and telephone number and will be used to locate the person in case of need.

As for the antigenic test, it should be noted that they are no longer performed systematically. The authorities reserve the right to perform random tests.

Tested positive to the Coronavirus? Here is the treatment protocol:

If the result of your antigenic test is positive, and you do not have any symptoms, a treatment is planned at home or in a hotel. The person infected with the Coronavirus will have to self-isolate and follow the national health protocol in effect.

In case of moderate symptoms, the authorities provide for treatment in a public or private hospital. Patients will receive treatment with azithromycin before resorting to molnupiravir.

What are the conditions for children?

Authorities have not excluded children under the age of 18. Minors between the ages of 6 and 18 will be required to present a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old upon boarding. They can also be a subject to random rapid antigen test. For children under the age of 6, there are absolutely no requirements.

Other rules to consider for your stay in Morocco in 2022:

The state of health emergency is currently extended until April 30. However, it is important to note that the restrictions, namely the curfew and the limitation of inter-city travel are no longer in effect. The vast majority of public establishments have been authorized to reopen. Among these are hotels, cafes, restaurants, administrations, hammams and discotheques recently. Casinos are still closed. Access to these public places will sometimes require the presentation of your vaccination pass, however we are observing that this practice is occurring less frequently. It is important to note that the obligation to wear a mask is still in application in all cities of the kingdom.

In the same perspective of prevention and fight against the virus, the Ministry of Health reminds the citizens to respect all preventive measures and directives of public authorities in this regard. Efforts are being made to promote vaccination and its importance. Citizens are urged to have a complete vaccination status, including the third dose. This behavior inspires national solidarity which will help overcome this crisis and face this pandemic.

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